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The Regimental Exerciseheath

and the National Army System


The regimental exerciseheaths are a collection of heaths and scrublands that provided traininggrounds for military exercises for allotment soldiers from the 17th to the 19th centuries. In many instances the battlegrounds continued to be used for military exercises up until recent times. In a few cases, as here in Skillingaryd, they continue to be used by the military forces. Miliseum’s ”Knekthall” [soldier´s hall] offers a rich experience based on three central themes: ”Torpet” [croft], ”Trossboden” [equipment store] and ”Tältet” [tent]. The croft shows how the soldier and his family lived while at home.  The equipment store displays the solder’s uniforms, weapons and military equipment. While the tent provides a description of military exercises on the battleground as well as local historic narratives.


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