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About Miliseum

A museum of military history in Skillingaryd, which is best known for having been a trainingground for military exercises for hundreds of years. So-called ”allotment soldiers” trained here from the 17th century onwards and the area is still used for military exercises. We recommend a walk to enjoy the carefully restored structures, which are now listed buildings. Take the opportunity to visit ”Lillemo” the allotment soldier’s dwelling from the 19th century.


This historic setting houses Miliseum, which has responsibility for military history in the region. Here you can trace the fate of the allotment soldiers and their families throughout Swedish history and gain an understanding of the difficult circumstances both at home in the croft and while fighting wars abroad. Most Swedish people have an ancestor who was an allotment soldier. Find your own soldier in the digital register of soldiers and take advantage of our excellent library.


A visit to Miliseum will ensure that you develop a fascination for the operations of the military Engineers as well as their predecessors, and will marvel at their striking history and their prowess in the field.

You will also learn more about the history of the firing range and can study various cannons and all-terrain vehicles used by the artillery. From time to time we demonstrate them outdoors.


At times, Riksförbundet Sveriges Militärkulturhistoriska Föreningar (RSMF), Sweden’s national association for military history societies, undertakes field exercises here, just as they were conducted several hundred years ago. 


Sveriges Veteranförbund Fredsbaskrarna, consisting of veterans who have taken part in peace-keeping operations under the auspices of the UN, EU, NATO or OSSE are also represented within the Skillingaryd Camp. Take the opportunity to learn from UN veterans and listen to their memories of peace-keeping operations.




Miliseum is part of a network concerned with Sweden’s military history. It comprises 27 national and nationally funded museums.  The National Swedish Museums of Military History (SFHM) and the Swedish National Maritime Museums direct and support the joint network.  The museums are spread all over Sweden, most of them being concerned with Swedish defence during the Cold War. A limited number of the museums are devoted to earlier times. For further information check our website at


Artillerigatan 14

SE-568 30 Skillingaryd

+46 (0) 370-67 89 50



Young people 13-18 years

Children up to 12 years


60 SEK

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No charge

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