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Naturen på Skillingaryds skjutfält

A military history museum in Skillingaryd

Skillingaryd is best known for its centuries-old military training ground, the so-called Plain. Indelta soldiers were trained here as early as the 17th century and military activities are still ongoing today. Feel free to take a walk and experience the piously cared-for buildings that are today a national building monument. Also take the opportunity to visit our soldier camp environment "Lillemo" from the 19th century.

In this ancient environment you will find the region's responsible museum for military history - Miliseum Skillingaryd. Here you follow the fates of the participating soldiers and their families through Sweden's history and experience their harsh living conditions both at home on the soldiers' camp and in the field. Most Swedes have some sort of soldier as an ancestor. Find Your soldier in the digital soldier register and take part in our content-rich library!

You are fascinated by the extensive activities of the Corps of Engineers and their predecessors and marvel at their exciting history and field work techniques.

You also learn more about the history of the shooting range and can study examples of the cannons and all-terrain vehicles used by the artillery. Sometimes we show them outdoors.

The Riksförbundet Sveriges Militärkulturhistoriska Föreningar (RSMF) occasionally conducts exercises on the plain - just as it happened several hundred years ago.

Sweden's Veterans Association Peace Berets are also on site. Take the opportunity to talk to our UN veterans and listen to their memories.

The museum is accessible to people with disabilities.


Miliseum is part of the museum network Sweden's Military Historical Heritage, which consists of 27 state and state-supported museums. The Norwegian Defense History Museums and Norwegian Maritime Museums lead and support the joint network. The museums are spread all over the country and the majority deal with Sweden's defense during the Cold War. A smaller number are focused on older times.

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